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Meanwhile I'll hide my head;

Here in this paper bag

Victoria Reynolds
14 December 1988
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B A S I C S ;

name: Victoria Cameron Reynolds
dob: 12.14.88
age: 18
zodiac: Sagittarius
eyes: brown
hair: honey blonde
religion: Wicca
family: Lynn Reynolds (mother)
H I S T O R Y ;

Ria was born and raised around the studies and knowledge of the powers of the earth and world. She lived on the campus of Deviant University most of her life, due to her mother, Lynn Reynolds, taking up a teaching position there when she was about three. They've got a tiny three-room house on the outskirts of the property, rather than living within the University itself, although once Ria became a student she moved into the dorms, and currently houses with her best friend, Ris.

She never knew her father, due to him leaving when he found out that Lynn was endowed with powers beyond that of what a 'normal' human would have, and only later did she discover she was pregnant with Ria. Ria bears her father no ill will, however, due to her mother's strong upbringing.

When she was fourteen her powers manifested, a little at first, but soon they became more prominant, paperfolding, and the like. She was already taking the basic classes at the University (Her mother having home-tutored her her whole life, with other teachers occasionally pitching in) so she just started taking up classes for her abilities.

Her course-load was a little lopsided at first, but she was a quick study and eventually caught up with those of her age group.

P E R S O N A L I T Y ;

Ria is a little shy at first glance, being home schooled most of her life and a little unsure of herself as a result. She apologizes when she thinks she's made a mistake, and she gets upset easily.

Once you get beyond her inital insecurities, however, she is a warm and caring young woman, and would bend over backwards to please her friends.

She's been coming out of her shell a little more bit by bit, thanks to the help of her friends, although she's still fairly shy around new people, and occasionally stutters.

P O W E R S ;

She can manipulate paper with her mind. It's almost a form of telekinisis, although she can also fortify the paper, and use it for things like a temporary shield, or fold it into some sort of weaponry. She's also a master of Origami, but that's more natural talent than her power.

D I S C L A I M E R ;

Player: Varis
AIM: harder to kill
Email: unknowngoddess [at] gmail.com
Journal: offensive

Ria is a creation of offensive's brain. Her personality traits, powers, history, are all thought up by yours truly, as she is an Original Character. Her face is Emily VanCamp, who is copyright herself. This is a Role-playing journal for deviant_uni.